Nuno Peralta
“I'm not afraid of failing; that's the only way to reach success.” - Nuno Peralta
Years of Full Stack (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, ASP.NET, MySQL/MariaDB, SQL Server, Windows, CentOS, AWS)

✔ 17+ years of daily experience in a wide range of technologies and areas such as Software Development and Web Apps (Full Stack, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, C#, ASP.NET); Database Administration (MySQL, SQL Server); Server Administration and Automation (Windows, Linux/CentOS, AWS, TeamCity, TWS, PowerShell/Bash); Performance and Scalability; Security and a lot more.

✔ Programmer, Karate Practitioner, Musician, Funny, Positive and Hard Working person.

✔ I began learning web development at age of 12, as a past-time and adventure. I started with a personal website, and later developed portals for Portuguese users, such as a Blog Directory, Jokes Website, Funny Tricks Area, Useful Information Portal, etc... I also made a number of micro, yet useful, standalone tools in HTML and JavaScript, such as an Alarm Clock and a Private Folder protected with a password.
My first worldwide success was a theme/skin for Windows Live Messenger, which improved the user experience by adding a different look to Messenger and inexistent functionality.
While I greatly helped hi5 (a social network website) to find serious security/privacy holes, I also developed a successful CSS code generator where hi5 members could design their hi5 Profile visually, add images, choose colors, hide/shuffle sections, tweak things, etc. Users could preview the final result and generate CSS code to use on their hi5 profile settings. I also made some tools that answered the wishes of hi5 users, such as seeing any profile without its style, bypassing hi5 word filters and other controls.

✔ I am qualified for Master of Science (MSc) in Network and Information Systems Engineering, where I've learned about several important technical subjects, such as Computer Science, Systems Administration, Advanced Topics in Databases, Web Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction. I have the QFA Life Assurance course/exam.

✔ Since 2013, I started my contributions as a Senior Developer (Irish Life and AXA Ireland).

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  • Computer Languages:
    • C#, ASP.NET MVC/Razor, WCF, Web API, Linq, Entity Framework, build internal NuGet packages
    • PowerShell, Batch, Bash shell scripting
    • HTML5, CSS3
    • React.JS, Redux, jQuery, JavaScript ES6+, ESLint/Prettier, CSS/SCSS, Bootstrap, Gulp, npm
    • Design Patters, Dependency Injection, Automappers, Async
    • Unit Tests, Mocking (Moq)
    • PHP 7
    • Node.JS
    • JCL, COBOL
    • Java, JSP
  • Databases:
    • Relational: SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle
    • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    • Stored Procedures, Functions, PL/SQL
    • NoSQL: MongoDB
    • Search: Sphinx
  • Servers/Services:
    • Azure DevOps: Boards, Git repositories, Pull Requests, Pipelines/Releases, ...
    • Bicep Templates - build Azure resources (App Configurations, Key Vaults and Web Apps) through code
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS): EC2, RDS, S3, SES, Route 53, AWS CLI
    • Web Servers: Apache httpd, Nginx, Internet Information Services (IIS), Tomcat
    • Containers: Docker, Dockerfile, Docker Composer
    • Automation: Ansible, Terraform
    • DNS / BIND
    • Memcached, Redis
    • TeamCity
    • Websphere MQ
    • Micro Focus
  • Operating Systems (Servers):
    • CentOS 6, CentOS 7
    • Windows Server 2008+
  • Applications:
    • Visual Studio 2008+, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse
    • SonarQube for code quality
    • Failover Cluster Manager
    • Percona Toolkit / XtraBackup / MariaBackup
    • Git (GitHub), Subversion (TortoiseSVN, VisualSVN Server)
    • IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS)
    • JIRA, Confluence
    • BMC Remedy ITSM
  • Other Areas:
    • Test/Production Environment Architecture and Infrastructure Design, Project Management
    • Debugging (logs, breakpointing on processes, profiling)
    • Code Improvement, Replatforming, Performance/Tuning
    • Email Delivery practices/guidelines
    • SEO compliance
    • SSL Certificates – “Let’s Encrypt” automation
    • Cross-Browser webapps
    • Android development, Android Studio
  • Little experience with:
    • Python, Haskell, Prolog
    • Weblogic
    • Mainframe, PL/1
    • Oracle CTL
    • C++ and Qt 5