“I'm not afraid of failing; that's the only way to reach success.” - Nuno Peralta


Even though Nuno Peralta has his own projects, he is also a full-time employee. Nuno is eager to contribute and learn every day. He tries his best to develop software that works best for the needs of the customers, while always taking in consideration the scalability and future growth, showing his long-term thinking to meet business expectations today and tomorrow.
Nuno Peralta has a deep understanding of technologies, prototyping strong designs and use of software development methodologies like Agile/Scrum. He takes pre-emptive problem solving seriously, which helps him find and resolve most of the problems in a timely manner.
One of the Nuno's priorities is to always reach a compromise with the business stakeholders in order to deliver the projects on time and, when relevant, communicate to the team in a concise, unambiguous and clear manner.
Irish Life Financial Services Senior Developer, IT Consultant, since January 2013