Facebook Timeline Cover

Connect with Facebook to Start
Due to changes on Facebook's Graph API, this application is now obsolete.
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Learn how to Install the Facebook Timeline right now!

If you still have the old Facebook Profile, you'll love the new Facebook Timeline

  1. You may activate your Timeline by accessing the page Introducing Timeline (click here), and press "Get Timeline".
    If this doesn't work, please continue the tutorial, otherwise, it's time to generate a cover with Facebook Cover Generator :-)
  2. Access the Facebook Developers page (click here).
  3. Press the "Create New App" button.
  4. On the new window, create a new application called "Timeline", and something random with letters as the namespace.
    If the namespace shows "Failed", try to change it until it says "Available" (just use letters, dashes and underscores).
  5. A "security check" appears when you press "Continue". Just copy the words in the image and then press "Submit".
  6. If a red alert appears there, it means you haven't activated your account with a mobile number or credit card. You'll have to proceed with the activation to continue.
  7. Once the application is created, you are redirected to the "Edit App" page. At the left, click on "Open Graph".
  8. Create a new action, by writing some words in the fields, such as "read" and "book". Then press "Get Started".
  9. A new page appears. It may seem confusing, but don't worry! Now just find the place that says "Past Tense" and make some change there. For example, change "read" to "reed".
    Save the changes, at the bottom of the page.
  10. You may now close the page and go back to Facebook. Just wait some minutes until you see a big alert saying "Introducing Timeline - a New Kind of Profile" in the homepage.
    Press "Get It Now". Now it's time to generate a cover with Facebook Cover Generator :-)