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What is, and the features
Windows Beach Messenger is a full Windows Live Messenger skin by Nuno Peralta and Digil.

The main features are:
- A menu with useful shortcuts.
- Contact card more useful.
- While you're logging in, you can select your status with only one click.
- Shortcuts in windows to change your status with only one click.
- Contacts' list can have tiny user tiles.
- You can select/copy the nick on top of conversation window and contact cards.
- Advertising banner can be removed.
- Change display picture by clicking on your picture (contact list).
- Custom background of conversation window is for all window.
- Great effects.
- Options to customize the skin.

To hide or show all advertising stuff
To hide all advertising stuff you need to execute the "Hide Ads.reg" file.
The next time you sign in, the option will work. Keep in mind that Messenger is free because of the advertising. ;)

You can download the .reg files here:

Hide Ads.reg
Show Ads.reg

How to install the skin
The skin works for all languages.
1. Download Windows Beach Messenger.
2. Sign in with Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 installed.
3. Run the downloaded file and install the skin.
4. Shut down Windows Live Messenger and open again.
5. Enjoy! Use detailed contact list :)
6. To remove advertising stuff, execute the "Hide Ads.reg" file.

Change Log
28-02-2008 v.1.2: Noised water for contact list background;
Normal contact list better (less space at left);
Some icons better to understand;
Clicable Infobar;
Title of program is now "Windows Beach Messenger";
Some strings fixes;
Fixes in contact card (for some languages);
Less waste of buttons in contacts list (option);
More options in pearl menu;
Icons now work in Windows XP;
Other fixes.

22-12-2007 v.1.1: Some bugs were fixed and the way of "Hide/Show Ads" was changed.

19-12-2007 v.1.0: Initial release.

Click the orb and then Settings.
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