“I'm not afraid of failing; that's the only way to reach success.” - Nuno Peralta


These are some messages people sent to Nuno over all these years.
“I have known and worked with Nuno for many years. His approach and attitude to solving complex issues are second to none. He is dedicated, conscientious and a gifted developer. He is always will to share his knowledge and I have learnt a lot from Nuno over the years. His enthusiasm , dedication and abilities make him an outstanding asset to any team. A lovely guy too.” - Bobby Phelan (2019)

“I worked with Nuno on a project for a change in banking provider. It was complex project as it involved changes around SEPA and the numerous files and timings around that. Nuno was a key person within the project delivery and its overall success. On a day to day basis, he is very helpful and goes out of his way to answer any queries and help solve any BAU issues that occurred. I enjoyed working with him and he would be an asset to any company.” - Dawn Gilliland (2019)

“I worked with Nuno on one project and on a different team for many years. I found that Nuno is a skilled and very knowledgeable programmer. He is also very dedicated to the work that he is doing and will complete any task. He is helpful and fun to work with. Any company will be lucky to employ him.” - Valeria Olyunina (2019)

“I have known and worked with Nuno for over 6 years in Irish Life IT. Nuno is a top class IT professional with a first class attitude. His work has been consistently excellent. His knowledge, skills and commitment make him a must for any highly complex project. Nuno has continuously proved his dedication to our customers, our team and to delivering a quality output. Nuno is a great coach and mentor to junior staff and is very approachable. Nuno is the ultimate team player. Before he left Irish Life he made knowledge transfer a major priority which empowered junior staff and left the team with the legacy of excellent documentation of our infrastructure and processes.” - Adrian Tierney (2019)

“Nuno has always been a pleasure to work with. He has always delivered solutions of exceptional quality. His aptitude for creative problem solving is second to none. He has a voracious appetite for new skills and knowledge and is a massive asset to have on any team.” - Jim Dalton (2019)

“I worked with Nuno on a Software Stack upgrade for a Mission Critical system at Irish Life and when Nuno joined the team we were able to make rapid progress and to overcome the various technical issues that we faced. Nuno was extremely proactive in dealing with any roadblocks that we encountered and assisted greatly in the smooth running of the project and its eventual success (a 250k P/A saving realised to the Business and a remediation of several major Operational Risks). I would have no hesitation in recommending Nuno and he will make a valuable addition to any organisation.” - Gerard Wallace (2019)

“I worked with Nuno in Irish Life for the past 18 months. Nuno is a consummate professional. He has an outstanding ability to lead others to creative solutions and is committed and passionate about producing high quality and well-tested code. Nuno is always friendly and respectful, listens to everyone's contributions and is very willing to share knowledge and expertise. Nuno would be a very valuable asset to any organisation.” - Deirdre Fitzsimons (2019)

“Having worked with Nuno for several years, I am sure he will be a great asset to any organisation in the future. Nuno's has a fantastic work ethic, eye for detail, and problem-solving ability.” - Dónal Glackin (2019)

“I had the pleasure of working with Nuno for many years in Irish Life. Nuno has great technical skills across many technologies and embraces new ones quickly. He takes on situations with a positive attitude which is a real advantage. He enjoys his work and dedicates himself to it. He is a great asset to any IT department and I hope I will get to work with him again in the future.” - Ciara Costelloe (2019)

“Nuno was a great team member to work with, and has exceptional expertise and motivation in delivering results within assigned timelines. He consistently demonstrated solid knowledge and dedication to the project. He's not only a reliable and forward thinking team member but also an inspiring team player. I hope we work together again in the future.” - Eric Alves (2019)

“I worked with Nuno for a number of years while he was in Irish Life. We were in different teams but we had a lot of interaction and I always found Nuno to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. Coupled with the fact that he is also very friendly and pleasant to deal with, he was without doubt the "go to guy" in his team. I would have no hesitation in recommending to to any prospectus employer's and wish him all the best with his future endeavours.” - Stephen Mulchrone (2019)

“I worked with Nuno over a two year period between 2013 to 2015 in Irish Life. We worked together on the same team and for me, being a new arrival, was provided with a great deal of guidance and assistance by Nuno. Setting aside his strong IT knowledge base he has exceptionally good interpersonal skills; he is motivated and he a strong team player. I immensely enjoyed working with Nuno during my tenure in Irish Life and would have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending him to a prospective employer.” - Tony Dooley (2018)

“I worked with Nuno for over 2 years in Irish Life. He has a vast array of skills and experience and I always found him very knowledgeable and very willing to help with any queries that I had. I know he is a great team player and very dedicated to his work. Nuno is a very pleasant & courteous person and I would fully recommend him to any employer.” - Jared O'Brien (2018)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nuno and found him very work focussed and extremely good at resolving technical issues. A very good trait of Nuno's is his attention to detail and his ability to work well under pressure as well as been a very good team player.” - Olu Olaleye (2018)

“I've been working with Nuno for a few years now and what impresses me the most in him is his imense drive. He can literally work night and day to finish something that's important for him. I received e-mails from him at 2 am while he was working from home. He's very responsibile and dedicated to what he's doing and always wants to use the simplest best solution out there, if fiable in the circumstances. He doesn't need anyone to pin point things for him, he seems to think of all the aspects of a problem and when he sees that he needs extra help/information/etc he goes right away to get it without wasting too much time in uncertainty, if he knows that there is a faster or better way available. He learns super fast and always seems to finish with much ease everything that he's doing. At work, he's the go to person for everyone.
As a person, he likes to play around and have fun, and joke a lot. He also has high standards, with a good sense of his self-worth, not being shy in asking for what he thinks he deserves. He's super puctual, otherwise he would not be able to do as many things as he does both at work and in his persoanl projects.” - Alina Florea (2018)

“Nuno is a great friend! He is very enthusiast and empowered. He never allows an obstacle to stop him. He always showed the ability to surpass himself, improving to become better and better. He is someone worth being friend of.” - Ricardo Gonçalves (2017)

“Nuno Peralta is a trustworthy person, loving, entertaining and funny. He is also very intelligent. A person with a very good heart.” - Grazzi Gianuzzi (2015)

“Nuno Peralta is a really nice guy and a hardworking person that wants the best for his future. An important friend and one of the most handsome guys I know. I'm really proud of him!” - Sofia Correia (2014)

“Nuno Peralta is a man of many qualities, he is a hardworking guy, ambitious, creative, skillful, intelligent and, most importantly, he is very pleasant. Nuno is a very interesting and friendly person!” - Ana Isabel Castro (2014)

“Nuno Peralta is an amazing guy, he has his head screwed on straight. He has his goals and dreams defined and does his best to reach them. To be honest, he is the best person I know so far personally and professionally.” - Cátia Matias (2014)

“Nuno Peralta joined the ILFS (Irish Life Financial Services) Retail IT (RIT) team in January 2013. (...) Nuno very quickly came to terms with the requirements analysis, design, build and testing of several often very complicated utilities. He worked in a very professional manner to produce deliverables of the very highest quality, well beyond the anticipated levels his experience may have suggested. From the outset, Nuno always worked with a friendly and courteous manner and delivered innovative, quality solutions in a very timely manner. (...) I can not find any fault with him and can not see how his grade could be anything less than 20 out of 20 as he continues to impress a lot of people here.” - Michael Lynch, IT Architect at Irish Life Financial Services (2013)

“I have worked closely with Nuno Peralta during his first months in Irish Life. In that short period of time, I have seen rapid advancement in several key areas. This includes problem solving, personal effectiveness, improved business process knowledge and technical skills relevant to the financial sector. Nuno has a very driven approach to tough problems, and has revealed excellent conceptual and analytical thinking in the technical sphere. Nuno has shown an ease to adapt to a broad range of technologies, and can bridge the interface between legacy systems and modern architectures and approaches. Nuno has gained, through hands-on development and working closely with IT professionals, the ability to implement balanced solutions as he applies a structured approach, and has consideration for both the balance of the stability of the ICT systems and the user’s changing needs – a key skill in this industry.” - Mark Rodgers, IT Consultant at Irish Life Financial Services (2013)

“I have been very impressed by Nuno’s ability across many different IT skills and platforms in his time in Irish Life. The quality and speed of his work is excellent. On the first application he worked on for me, he wrote the application as quickly as I could write the specification and there was no re-work needed. This application was an important part of a recent major re-platforming project. It replaced a manual systems interface process and is performing well in production. Nuno’s application to whatever task he is given has been excellent and his communications skills are very good considering English is not his first language. If there is ever any confusion over requirements caused by language differences, Nuno Peralta is confident enough to always clarify what needs to be done to ensure that there is no ambiguity. Nuno’s skill set is the best I have ever seen from an intra student/college placement in my 20+ years working in IT.” - Michael Dobbs, IT Consultant at Irish Life Financial Services (2013)

“Nuno Peralta is a special and very good friend to me. He's a guy with a big heart! I'm proud of him.” - Sandra Sofia Silva (2013)

“Nuno Peralta is very intelligent and a very good and special friend.” - Marta Bebiano (2013)

“Nuno Peralta is a guy that is willing to work hard without giving up, to achieve his goals. I am positive that he will achieve great success in his life. His solid determination and positive attitude will carry him far. He is an Expert at Programming, the best that I know of personally. He surpasses others in his areas of specialty. Nuno is also a very cool and sociable guy, who can get along very well with all types of people; from the business world to casual acquaintances.” - Andrew Davis (2012)

“Nuno Peralta has always been an idol for me, both professionally and personally. He is a reliable and honest person, whereas the professional level, he is very dynamic, creative and autonomous. He is able to create very good projects with relative ease. He is also a very hardworking person.” - Marco Pinheiro (2012)

“Nuno Peralta is someone really worth talking to, a funny trustworthy guy, with whom someone can talk to about everything (and even about nothing at all). A very intelligent person, always looking for self-improvement, always developing interesting projects and ideas. Someone really worth knowing.” - Daniela Silva (2012)

“Nuno Peralta is a special, hard-working and respectful person.” - João Proença (2012)

“I'm proud to have a son capable of making such wonderful projects.” - Helena Fonseca (2012)

“Nuno Peralta is a hardworking guy, who is very efficient on having is job done, he is a very easy person to work with. A good Friend and team mate.” - Fábio Serpa (2012)

“Nuno Peralta is the smartest and the most intelligent person. He is also sociable, funny, and so on. I appreciate him very much, for what he is.” - Cristian Alexandru (2012)

“Nuno Peralta makes me truly proud of who he is!” - Sofia Leitão (2012)

“Nuno is Nuno. Nuno Peralta is my idol. He is very determined, intelligent, kind, amorous, all that.” - Aline Caliente (2010)

“I like the level of honesty and professionalism that Nuno Peralta shows in business.” - Manuel Pimentel (2010)

“Nuno Peralta is a person that amazed me by his professionalism, responsibility, sympathy, a person I admire because he believed in something and made it happen.” - Rixt Portugal (2010)

“Nuno is very special to me. Nuno is cute, sweetheart, an awesome man who has a beautiful smile. Nuno Peralta is a genius, sucessful man, really intelligent and has many other qualities.” - Joana Rangel (2009)

“Nuno Peralta is incredibly intelligent and awesome. He should keep up with his work, because he is very good at it.” - Miss Frozen Flame (2009)

“I admire Nuno Peralta's hard work, because his projects helped me a lot for my happiness. I wish him success.” - Lee (2008)

“Mr. Peralta outdoes himself. I hope he does not abandon the ship, keeping up the awesome work. He is going to be famous, so, in anticipation, I want his autograph.” - Wayne (2008)

“It's an honor to see a Portuguese young expert in programming like Nuno Peralta.” - Miccoli Estevez (2006)

“Nuno Peralta makes awesome things!” - Catarina Oliveira (2006)

“Nuno Peralta has unique and brilliant ideas.” - Daniel Gonçalves (2006)

“Nuno Peralta has a great sense of humor and I hope he stays that way.” - Rita Dâmaso (2006)

“Nuno Peralta is a genius and a person full of imagination.” - Sofia Duarte (2006)

“Nuno Peralta proves to be smart and strategic!” - Célia Fiju (2005)